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Menu, Delivery, and Catering

What's in the menu?

We’ve got a very broad range of food in the menu. To get you started, we’ve picked a selection of highlights from each section.

The South Indian menu is currently available only in our Sanlitun restaurant.

Delivery service

We’re happy to deliver food to you from any of our restaurants: call the branch nearest you, and let us know what you’d like to order.

List of branches for Ganges Indian Restaurant
Restaurant branchPhone number
Sanlitun: Shimao Dept. Store(10) 6416-0181
Chaoyang CBD: 'The Place'(10) 5206-1010
Dongzhimen, Dongzhimen Outer Street(10) 6417-0900
Haidian: U-Center(10) 6262-7944
Lido area: Fangyuan Xi Lu139-1062-9470
Xi'an, Shaanxi: Happy Mall Food Court(029) 8931-8440
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How to find our restaurants

Catering for Parties and Special Events

Organise a party at our place—or yours—for an attractive, all-inclusive price.

At our place: Parties and celebration of special event. Set menu or buffet service, free-flow local beer and soft-drinks, groups of 10–200 people.

At your place: We’ll bring the food to you! We can cater for groups of 20–200 people, cooking the food at our restaurant, and keeping it warm thorughout in our special buffet trays.

Tour groups: We regularly cater for large tour groups from India, as well as other countries, and will have no problem meeting specific dietary requirements--whether it's halal meat required, strictly vegetarian dishes, or requests for specific dishes.

Click through for more information about catering and special events.

Highlights from our menu

  1. Appetizers

    Sample a variety of tastes, ranging from moderately spiced chickpea-based starters to cottage cheese-based treats, as well as a host of other specialities.

    View the highlights of our appetizers

  2. Curries

    Curry dishes are the speciality of Ganges Restaurant, and we've got more than 80 different preparations for you to try. Vegetarians are in for a treat, with over 40 different vegetable curries to choose from.

    Vegetarian Curries
    Meat Curries

  3. BBQ and Tandoor

    The slow heat of the clay oven allows the spices and marinade to sink deeply into the marinated food as it is cooked, giving these barbequed snacks a distinctive aroma and a truly wonderful taste.

    Recommended Tandoor and BBQ dishes

  4. South Indian

    Northern Indian cuisine is well-known all over the world, but the cooking of South India is also not to be missed. Influenced by the climate, the availability of different ingredients, and the fact that many people from southern India are strictly vegetarian for religious reasons, southern Indian cuisine has a very different taste to food from other parts of the India.

    South Indian food highlights

  5. Rice dishes

    Different types of rice are used to different effect in Indian cooking. The most famous is the aromatic long-grained Basmati rice, used to add an extra subtle flavour to Biryanis and other preparations.

    Highly recommended rice dishes

  6. Roti and Bread

    Indian naan bread is the natural choice to accompany a curry, and you’ll be able to use it to mop up all that tasty gravy!

    Best breads

  7. Desserts

    In Indian tradition, the host will always make sure that the guests have something sweet to eat after a meal. We invite you to continue the tradition!

    View the highlights of our dessert menu